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Personal Static IP address - your unique "ID"
Whitelist your Static IP & access your systems securely from anywhere

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Static IP - your unique ID

Your unique "ID"

Static IP is essentially your unique online ID in your 'pocket' used for secure remote system access.

Like a phone number your personal Static IP is always with you anywhere in the world.

Access from anywhere

Access from anywhere

Innovative combination of a VPN & Static IP allows whitelisted access from anywhere in the world.

We believe that in today's world anyone can work remotely and feel good!

Easy protection with IP whitelist

Easy protection with IP whitelist

Protect your private systems easily! Get your Static IP now and put it into your system's whitelist.

Just download our App and access your systems securely from anywhere in the world.


Satisfied users

“I was asked by multiple clients to give them my Static IP to access their system. First I had not clue what it is, now I'm using it to access my own web systems. Thank you!”

David, C.
Freelancer - E-shop Admin

companies & teams

”I only used a password to access my CMS systems. Unfortunately I got hacked & lost my work progress... Since I use VPN Static IP I haven't felt more secure. I can focus on my work!”

Sarah, E.

years on the market

”We use VPN Static IP for our developers working from home office. We've whitelisted their Static IPs on our servers so they can access it an work from home and other locations.”

John, M.
CEO software company


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No matter where you are. Your Static IP can be geolocated to any of the following locations.

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