VPN Office

One Static IP shared by up to 100 co-workers around the world

VPN Office - overview


Get one real static IP address for up to 100 employees, co-workers or "road warriors" located around the world. Protect their personal or company communication with highly encrypted connection like they would be connected to one private LAN network.

Do you need to have all your nomadic employees or co-workers behind one static IP address from selected country? The VPN Office is the right choice for you. Simply choose location / country of the VPN Office and we will create one private VPN server dedicated just to your company.

Main Features

  • Private LAN network for all your users regardless on their location around the world.
  • Get 1 real static IP address from specific location / country shared by up to 100 users.
  • Provide an access to IP restricted company resources (services, servers etc.) to your employees regardless of where they connect the Internet.
  • Share files & services between connected users securely like you would be sitting in one office.
  • Protect personal / company communication by strong SSL / TLS encryption especially if you stay in risky countries around the world.
  • Custom port-forwarding rules to get access internal systems remotely from the entire Internet.
  • Higher limit for transferred data - up to 2 TB of transferred data per month.
  • Custom Split Networking configuration to send only specific traffic over VPN Office in order to save monthly data transfer.
  • Faster speed than common static IP service - 1 Gbps Internet line dedicated only for you.
  • User management via control panel.
  • If you need any advanced features (more IPs, monthly bandwidth or special routing rules), please contact us.

VPN Office package includes

  • 1 real static IP address.
  • Up to 100 users on virtual private network (virtual LAN).
  • Highly secured file & service sharing between connected users.
  • 100% communication protected by strong VPN encryption.
  • 1 Gbps Internet line dedicated only for you.
  • Up to 2 TB of transferred data per month.
  • Split Networking
  • Choose country / location of the VPN Office around the US or Europe and get real static IP address from selected country.

How does the VPN Office Work?

VPN office is special private VPN server (Virtual Private Network) dedicated to your company. It allows up to 100 simultaneous VPN connections. All users use VPN connection in order to get connected to VPN Office network. Each connected user will be assigned with their own private IP address (Example: which allows highly secured internal communication between the other users like FTP, file sharing etc. All communication between users is strongly encrypted. All users can also access the Internet via one shared real static IP address on WAN interface. The static IP is globally accessible so you can configure port-forwarding and access your systems remotely. It allows companies to give their employees an access to company's remote systems with IP-based firewall using exclusively the IP address of the VPN Office.

VPN Office - diagram

Difference between - VPN Office / VPN static IP

The main difference between these services is in number of users (devices) that can use (share) the same static IP at the same time.

The VPN static IP service allows you to connect only one device at the same time in order to get the same static IP address. So only one device can use the same public static IP address at the same time.

VPN Office solution allows you to connect up to 100 devices at the same time in order to get the static IP address. So the IP address is shared between your co-workers / employees.

The following table compares both main features of both services:

VPN Static IPVPN Office LiteVPN Office Enterprise
1 dedicated real static IP 1 dedicated real static IP 1 dedicated real static IP
1 static IP shared by only 1 user 1 static IP shared by up to 10 users 1 static IP shared by up to 100 users
Data bandwidth: 240 GB / month * Data bandwidth: 1 TB / month * Data bandwidth: 2 TB / month *
Speed bandwidth: up to 20 Mbps Speed bandwidth: up to 1 Gbps Speed bandwidth: up to 1 Gbps
Easy IP location change More available IP locations More available IP locations
Buy VPN static IP Buy VPN Office Buy VPN Office

* If you reach this data bandwidth limit, your service doesn't stop, but speed will be only temporarily slowed down.

Customer Stories

All servers and services we have can be managed from specific IP addresses only. The VPN office IP is one of the allowed IPs. VPN Office helped me and my colleagues to get secure access to our servers even if we’re on business trip or vacation.

Our company is based in India but we do a lot of projects for US customers so we need to have US IP address. VPN office allows our project managers to communicate with our customers from US IP address like they would be working in USA.

As team of journalists we need to have an access to UK limited resources even if we travel around the world. We use VPN Office for secure sharing private documents and data. At the end the VPN Office helps us to access the services like Facebook, Youtube and Skype which are being censored in some countries.


Up to 10 users


(Billed annually)

or $29/month billed monthly

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Up to 100 users


(Billed annually)

or $69/month billed monthly

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