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Secure private network for Remote Team Members

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Private VPN server for remote Team Members

Get private business VPN server with Dedicated Static IP address shared by all Team Members. Connect all remote Team Members together and work like you would sit in one office. VPN Office provides secure private LAN network for all remote Team Members regardless on their location worldwide.

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Secure remote access from anywhere

Do your Team Members like to work remotely (home, cafe, hotel)?
Never let your private or corporate servers open to entire internet! Put your VPN Office IP into white-list so nobody unauthorized can access your private systems.
VPN Office provides secure remote access to your private servers from anywhere.

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Secure Internet access for Team Members

All Team Members can access Internet securely from anywhere. VPN Office always encrypts all internet communication even if you connect via public WiFi or travel in risky countries. Nobody can see through the encrypted tunnel and get their hands on your sensitive internet communication.

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Easy Account Management

Manage VPN accounts easily via Control Panel or API.
Unlike the common VPN with VPN Office you'll get access to control panel where you can create or delete accounts, change passwords, allow or restrict the access, view stats and much more. You can also automatize common processes via API.

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24/7 Support & Failure Management

Unlike the common VPN with VPN Office you're never on your own!
We monitor your VPN Office state and we'll fix any possible failure.
We provide 24/7 support via online Chat, Email and Tickets.
You can always contact us in case you need help.

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Feedback from our customers

“The IP White-Listing of VPN Office IP brings another level of security to our company. We have restricted the access to our internal systems and stopped all possible attacks and hacking attempts.”

Jarolim Suchanek
Web Developer

We use VPN office to access internal company servers with sensitive databases. All employees got their own VPN accounts so they can access it securely when working from outside.

Leopold Larsen
Medical industry

I spent hours by generating certificates and configuring VPN for our employees. Another hours by troubleshooting the unreliable VPN connection. VPN office is just working! No way back, thanks guys ;-)

Theodor Kalinsky
IT administrator